Just my thoughts on Transhumanism

We’ve got a problem, all of us, have a problem.

Everyday humans, go further in these dystopia, humans haven’t learned, humans don’t understand the errors they made in the past.

A simple example would be the case of Albert Einstein, he deposited a patent for an eco-refrigerator, this technology that seemed harmless became the founder element of the atomic bomb.

So where do we stand today, in a world where the trend of Trans-humanism is at its peak,

where brain chips from neuralink aren’t that far from our skulls.

We’ve got a problem, all of us.

I have seen, the film matrix, the series altered carbon, I have read the famous novel 1984 written by George Orwell in 1948 post-war. What a wonderful day by Ira Levin or The best of worlds by Aldous Huxley and I have difficulties in understanding people who want to follow and believe this direction.

I am constantly screaming to myself… Do people forget ? Don’t these people notice the changes we have been going through for the last 10 years ?

I think, seriously, that the living population does not keep enough distance with new technologies.

How could we live, if some people a more than just humans, if they have brain chip with abilities to beat human capabilities, how would they interact with “normal” living humans ? Would they think of themselves to be superior ? And what complications could this cause ?

In conclusion and after reading one of the dystopia already cited.

You could imagine, a society with the Apartheid 2.0. A society where living humans, thinking would be without humanity.

This is already the case with smartphones, but imagine, just a few seconds. How you tracked and traced already. But your thoughts being readable to everyone;;

You are just a number, precisely like a digital bar code!!

No more names, no more eyes, no more faces, no more smile. No more Compassion, No more feelings, no more reality. No more Joy No more sorrow, no more love.

No more Humanity.

Yes, we have got a problem, all of us, have a problem.

We called it “No human Future”

Martin Luther King had a dream… I have a nightmare.